Why is it that your are REQUIRED to buy a certain textbook (only available at your school’s bookstore, incidentally) only to find that it has become outdated 4 months later? My true ire comes from the issue that said textbook was REQUIRED for an elective class that is REQUIRED for my degree. My other major gripe comes from the issue that THIS textbook was the latest edition just released this past summer. So… the book is only a few months old and it has become outdated. This is a geography textbook, not a computer processor. The information in the book is still relevant today as it was 4-5 months ago.
I did find out the reason they were no longer using this textbook (and more than a few others as well)… the college is pushing instructors to REQUIRE school specific textbooks. In other words, textbooks (actually, loose-leaf versions of the textbooks) printed with the school’s name on the cover and a course syllabus inside. I don’t know the specifics on the cost to the school for the new versions but I do know that there are no savings passed on to the students. The loose-leaf versions cost as much as the bound version, well, actually they cost a little more because you now have to buy a binder to put them in. Also, guess what? They won’t buy those back either. My thinking on that is that it’s probably cheaper to print new copies than it would be to buy them back and discover that pages have been lost or whatnot. That fact that I HAVE to pay $100+ for a book that I will only need for a few months is ridiculous. Now coupled with the thought of being unable to recoup any $$ back for said book that I was FORCED to buy… UNF***ING BELIEVABLE!
And no, this is not my first foray into the collegiate arena. It is actually my second visit. I have lived through the frustrations of being saddled with textbooks that I can no longer use or do I want. This is, however, the first time I feel that I have been truly screwed over.
There. All done.