So…  Today was Groundhog Day.  This holiday has been around, officially, since 1886 and I can never remember it until after it has passed.  It has never been a big deal with me (or anyone I know) so I don’t miss missing it.  You know?  However, there has always been one aspect of Groundhog Day that has truly confused me (other than why we feel a groundhog can predict the weather):  if the groundhog sees its shadow then there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  Here’s my confusion:  if the groundhog sees its shadow then that would imply that the sun is out and not hiding behind clouds (ie. not overcast, etc.).  The sun shining enough to scare a groundhog with its own shadow seems more indicative of warmer weather than an overcast day casting no shadows.  I have always thought that the symbolism was backward.  Groundhog sees its shadow = winter is over; doesn’t see it = more winter.  I know that somewhere out there someone has posted up the rational behind the symbolism and may have even backed it up with evidence.  I don’t care.  I’m really too lazy to even search for it.  As I said before, this holiday has never been a big deal with me.  I just think they got it backward and my way makes more sense.  Either way…  meh.


Ok.  I lied.  A little.  I do like Groundhog Day.  This one: