With New Year’s Day come and gone, I found myself wondering.  Wondering why people wait until the new year to make a resolution to change.  Why wait until January 1st,to make that change?  What is so special about this date?  Is it because it signifies the changing of the calendar year?  Is it because it has become tradition?  Wait…  we also decide to make changes in our lives on birthdays as well.  Is it because this date is important to us?  Or do we make changes on these dates simply because they are easy to remember?  So we can look back in 3 years and say I made this resolution on this date and look at me now?

If you stop and think about it, the day of your birth is an important date but was it an important date the year before you were born?  The day before?  For a select few, the answer will be yes because they will share the day with a historical event.  For most, the date became important only on that day.  So, why do we feel the need to wait until a certain date to make a significant change in our lives?

My life includes many significant dates, most of which were not chosen by me.  The birth of my daughters each adds a significant date to my personal calendar.  December 21 was just another day on the calendar until 15 years ago when I married my beautiful wife.  Now, obviously, it has importance.  These are momentous events, each worth of their own date in history.  But there are others as well.

I had my last cigarette on July 6, 2005.  I didn’t actually choose this date for any specific reason, it just was.  On May 24, 1994, I got my first tattoo.  I don’t remember the exact dates of my others but I remember that date.  August 23, 2010 was the date I went back to school after nearly 17 years away.  All of these dates had no earlier significance but are now important to me.  I did not set out to make those dates important, it just happened.

This brings me to my point, as long and drawn out as it has been:  Don’t wait for tomorrow to make that change.  You want to lose weight?  Quit smoking?  Start writing that novel?  Finish writing that novel?  Whatever it is, don’t wait.  Remember the gospel according to Nike:  Just do it.

So…  how many dates do you have circled on your calendar?  Want some more?


What are you waiting for?