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How big do your problems feel now?

The future of science…

I have already started gathering materials for my future classroom, even though I’m still at least 2 years away from actually having said classroom.  I’ve picked up such items as posters, books, and such.  I find myself, at times, wondering whether I’m making the right choice in becoming  a science teacher.  History has always been my strong suit, as have all the social sciences (that’s pretty funny considering how anti-social I am at times).  Science has always interested me and I have done extremely well with the various classes I have taken over the years.  I have no problems understanding most scientific theories and can explain them without difficulty to my own children, on the rare occasion they come up in a conversation.  I know that I will be a good teacher and will be able to pass along useful knowledge to my students.  Yet the doubt still remains.  That is until I run across an item I know would be perfect in my classroom.

Every science class has to have the Periodic Table of Elements and this is the one I have chosen:

What really got me excited for my future classroom was this Table of Elements poster:

I think I’m going to like teaching.



The Doctors meet…